John's Double weekend part 2!

Win at Salt Ayre

The following day round Saighton a break went on the first and lap managed to achieve a lead of 35 seconds. Some people were keen to keep the break in check, so I followed the wheels to make sure too many others didn’t get up the road and as my legs weren’t feeling great to get across by myself, possible after the previous day’s efforts. With just under 4 laps to go and the gap to the break down to 10 seconds a major crash resulted in 15-20 riders going down and many other getting stuck it. I just managed to avoid the crash, and together, with only the 11 other riders from the peleton who made it through unscathed, we quickly caught the break. The pace in the front group then dropped considerably, so on the following lap I attacked with 2 other riders. As we came towards the crash scene medics and marshals were still dealing with the accident and the race was neutralised for half a lap. Once the racing restarted again the organisers decided to finish the race a lap early. With a good gap to the group behind and only a couple of kilometres to go, we knew that it would only be us who would contest the win. I didn’t feel that I had the strength to attack so thought I would wait for the sprint. Fortunately, on the slight rise to the finish, the gamble paid off and I won the sprint to claim my second win of the weekend.