Julian in Belgium


Julian Pearson is 3 weeks into a racing trip to Belgium and has just had a 4th place so has posted the following report. He is staying with 3 other north-west riders near Oudenaarde and they are helping each other in the racing.
"Today I did the 2013 LFT Kanshebbers Provinciaal Kampioenschap van Oost-Vlaanderen, which is the LFT Province Champs. I have been struggeling with form whilst over here only managing a 21st and 58th placings up to now. The racing is at a very high level and racing against big names and teams most of the time is a great experience. Todays race went very well, it rained to start off and on the 2nd lap me and 2 other of my mates got away with the Belgians not liking the wet corners we took advantage and took a 20 second gap which was pulled back, from there I got in 5 other breaks which also got reeled back in, with 5 to go one of my mates chipped off the front with the bunch being too slow to react I also managed to jump away unfortunately I got pulled back and 2 other Belgians bridged the gap, the break had gone so I was racing for 4th. I attacked a few times in the last 3 laps and on the last lap pushed through on the inside in the last corner and thanks to a big lead out by one of my mates, managed to win the bunch sprint by a fair gap. To make things better got paid 20 euros appearance money. The form seems to be coming now so I hope for some good results in the coming weeks."